Cup holder

At FestiTray we believe that the best parties should be shared. We strive to make life easier and more fun for party goers through our unique and convenient cup holder.

The FestiTray is an innovative concept specially designed for festival goers and party lovers. It is a portable cup holder that allows you to easily walk through a large crowd. Whether you’re at a festival, a party at home or just hanging out with friends, the FestiTray is the perfect companion.

With the FestiTray, you’ll never have to struggle with your drinks again while trying to dance or socialize. You can easily take your favorite drinks with you without having to worry about everything falling on the floor.



Whether you are a festival goer who loves music and dancing, a host or hostess organizing a party, or just someone who enjoys spending time with friends, make your parties unforgettable and enjoy the convenience of the FestiTray.

Order your own cup holder today and discover why so many partygoers are enthusiastic about our innovative product.

Our cup holder is made from sustainable recycled materials and is lightweight.

A tray with your logo or text is a practical promotional item and you contribute to significantly less waste on the festival site.

Partying without the hassle of drinks? That’s possible with the Festitray!

FestiTray nieuw model
FestiTray Grolsch

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